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How Do Foam Wall Plate Gaskets Work to Seal Sockets? 

If you're looking for a low-cost, simple way to save energy in your home, apartment, condo, or building, one of the easiest improvements is to install foam wall plate gaskets to act as a socket sealer.  The purpose of foam wall plate gaskets is to seal and insulate the wall cavities behind electrical outlets & switch plate covers, which will create a barrier against the unconditioned outside air while sealing in the conditioned air produced by your heating and cooling system.  A blower door test confirms that ALL switch plate and electrical outlet receptacles (including inner walls) are leaky and need to be sealed / insulated since electrical wires and pipes run across walls which introduce outside air from your crawlspace, basement or attic.  All of these wall penetrations contribute to a heating and cooling loss by as much as 20%.


Since My Home is Well Insulated, Will Foam Wall Plate Gaskets Really Benefit Me?

Unfortunately, insulation does not stop air infiltration.  Insulation is made up of fibers that allow air to pass through it.  Insulation simply serves as a thermal barrier (much like a blanket) which keeps you warm, yet allows your body to breathe. Foam wall plate gaskets have a double benefit of sealing air and thermally insulating, which will provide an even greater benefit than having insulation alone.

Do Wall Plate Gaskets and Socket Sealers Provide More Than an Energy Saving Benefit?  

Wall Plate Sealers Help to Protect and Prevent Bedbugs and Other Pests:

Wall plate gaskets not only seal and insulate, but they also help to prevent invasive pests like spiders, cockroaches, silverfish and prevent bedbugs from entering your living space.  Apartments, condominiums, hotels, or motels are susceptible to this more than any other occupied space. Once an outbreak occurs in one room, it is easy to spread to other rooms in the complex. In addition to the basics of caulking around bathroom and kitchen pipes, wall plate sealers help to prevent unwanted pests by sealing off the second most vulnerable areas such as electrical outlets and switch plates. If air can move, so can pests. Our foam wall plate gaskets are safe and easy to work with unlike pesticides which can be harmful to people and pets.


Wall Plate Sealers Help to Stop Smoke From Entering Your Living Space:

Upset about the smoking neighbor but don't want to move? Apartments, condominiums, hotels, motels, and offices have the challenge of containing cigarette smoke and preventing smoke from contaminating other areas of the building.  No matter if you have a smoker as a neighbor or you are a smoker and want to be considerate of your neighbors, foam wall plate sealers help to create a barrier against cigarette, pipe, or cigar smoke by sealing living spaces from the smoke.


Wall Plate Insulators and Socket Sealers are Safe and Easy to Install.

Made of U.L. flame retardant foam, our wall plate insulators install easily behind the faceplate (all you need is a screwdriver to remove the faceplate), which become completely invisible once installed.  We offer foam wall plate gaskets in bulk packs which will save big compared to the home improvement stores. For multiple gang switch plates, simply team up the gaskets by laying them side-by-side on the faceplate and trim with scissors as necessary.